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Living outside the UK – can i go Bankrupt

Move to a different country when bankrupt
Are you allowed to move to a different country while you are bankrupt? Do you still have to pay your debts? Can you get credit?
Go Bankrupt if I live Abroad
How to go Bankrupt in the UK if you live abroad. If you live abroad do you pay towards your debts? Can you go Bankrupt if you never lived in the UK?
Living outside the UK - Can I go Bankrupt
Can you go bankrupt in the UK if you live abroad. What if you have moved to another EU country? What if you moved outside the EU? Alternative options.
Property Abroad and Bankruptcy
Is your property abroad included if you go Bankrupt? What if there is equity in it? What if you get income from it? Could you just keep quite about it?
Go Bankrupt before I move abroad
If you have debt but want to move abroad Bankruptcy could solve the problem. Should you go Bankrupt before you leave? Getting credit in your new country.