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Effects of bankruptcy

How is family affected if I go bankrupt
Can family members still get credit? Are any of their belongings at risk? Do family have to pay towards your debt?
Name in newspaper if bankrupt
Is your bankruptcy published in the local newspaper? Are there any public records? Who is told you are bankrupt?
What happens to my benefits if I go bankrupt
Will your benefits be cancelled if you go bankrupt? Can any of your money be taken from you? What if you have overpayment debt?
effects of bankruptcy
When can you get a normal bank account after bankruptcy? When does your credit rating go back to normal? How quickly can you get a mortgage?
Car and Bankruptcy
Is your car at risk if you go Bankrupt? Options if it is worth more than £2000. What if it's on finance? Can you sell before you go bankrupt?
Who will find out I am bankrupt?
Is bankruptcy advertised in the newspaper? Where is it recorded? Will your Landlord or Mortgage Lender find out? Is your Employer told?
Household Possessions and Bankrupcy
What happens to household possessions if you go Bankrupt? Will items bought on credit have to be returned? Is jewellery and other valuables at risk?
Effects of Bankruptcy
The main effects of Bankruptcy. How long it lasts. What happens to your house and car? Do you still have to pay your debts? Who will find out?