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Car and bankruptcy

Buying a new car while bankrupt
Are you allowed to buy a new car while you are bankrupt? Can you sell your old vehicle? Is it possible to get a car on finance?
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What value of car is allowed if you go bankrupt
What is the car value allowance if you go bankrupt. What if your vehicle is worth more? Can you keep a car if it is on finance?
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Sell car before going bankrupt
Are you allowed to sell your car before going bankrupt? How much can you sell it for? Can you sell to your partner or friend?
Car finance if I go bankrupt
Can you carry on paying for your car finance? Is it possible to hand it back and write off the debt? Can you get car finance while you are bankrupt?
Car and Bankruptcy
Is your car at risk if you go Bankrupt? Options if it is worth more than £2000. What if it's on finance? Can you sell before you go bankrupt?
Car Repairs while Bankrupt
How to pay for car repairs when bankrupt. How much can be included in your living expenses budget? What if you get an unexpected bill?