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Can you sell your car before you go bankrupt
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Bankruptcy Suitability

Sell car before going bankrupt
Are you allowed to sell your car before going bankrupt? How much can you sell it for? Can you sell to your partner or friend?
Stop your IVA and go Bankrupt
Are you allowed to stop your IVA? Is it sensible to cancel and go bankrupt? When are you better off sticking with what you have got?
Leave a debt out of bankruptcy
Can you choose to keep a debt out of bankruptcy? Can you leave out joint debt or guarantor loans? What about money owed to family or friends?
Car finance if I go bankrupt
Can you carry on paying for your car finance? Is it possible to hand it back and write off the debt? Can you get car finance while you are bankrupt?
stop your DMP and go bankrupt
Should you stop your DMP? Is cancelling your debt management plan and going bankrupt sensible for you? What if you are a home owner?
Bankruptcy if you are a Homeowner
Is Bankruptcy ever a sensible solution if you are a homeowner? How is your property affected? What if there is no equity? What if it is in joint names?
Business Tools and Bankruptcy
What happens to your business tools if you go Bankrupt? Which items are classed as business tools? Is your van or other work vehicle at risk?
Bankruptcy may not be as bad as you think. You don't always lose your home. You can have a bank account. You keep your possessions. Few people find out.
effects of bankruptcy
When can you get a normal bank account after bankruptcy? When does your credit rating go back to normal? How quickly can you get a mortgage?
Go Bankrupt Twice
Can you go Bankrupt twice? Will you be penalised for going through the process again? Will debt payments be required? What happens to your home?