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Cancel your Creditfix IVA and go Bankrupt
Bankruptcy Expert

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Bankruptcy Suitability

Cancel Creditfix IVA and go bankrupt
Options if you are unhappy with your Creditfix IVA. Advantages of going bankrupt over staying in an IVA. What about the downsides?
IVA payments have gone up can I go bankrupt
Can your IVA payments go up? Are you allowed to stop your IVA? Is going bankrupt now a better option for you?
The government's guide to personal debt solutions.
We are authorised by the FCA so you know you can trust our debt advice. However you might also find these additional sources of help useful.
Cladding crisis - can you go bankrupt?
How can Bankruptcy help you escape cladding crisis debt? What steps do you have to take? How long until you can buy another property?
What happen to overtime or a bonus if you are bankrupt
Can you keep a one off bonus or overtime payment? What if you earn regular overtime or commission? If you earn more is your IPA paid faster?
Inheritance if you are bankrupt
Inheritance has to be handed over if you are bankrupt. Can you ever keep any of the money? Options if you might inherit in the near future.
What happens to my benefits if I go bankrupt
Will your benefits be cancelled if you go bankrupt? Can any of your money be taken from you? What if you have overpayment debt?
Sell car before going bankrupt
Are you allowed to sell your car before going bankrupt? How much can you sell it for? Can you sell to your partner or friend?
Stop your IVA and go Bankrupt
Are you allowed to stop your IVA? Is it sensible to cancel and go bankrupt? When are you better off sticking with what you have got?