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Police Officer – Can I go Bankrupt

Police Officer - Can I go Bankrupt Bankruptcy is an option if you work for the police. However you will need to make your professional standards representative aware.

  • Can you go Bankrupt if you are a Police Officer?
  • How to go Bankrupt if you work for the Police Force.
  • The affect on your future career.

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Can you go Bankrupt if you are a Police Officer?

You may think that using this debt solution will be frowned upon. That it may have a negative effect on your career or even lead to you losing your job. This view is generally incorrect.

Personal debt problems amongst the police community are as common as in any other jobs. If you work for the police you are just as likely to have debt problems as your neighbour. Most forces recognise this and are supportive of finding a sensible way to deal with the issue.

How to go Bankrupt if you work for the Police Force

Most police forces realise that personal debt problems can occur. If and when they do they understand that it is best to resolve the issue sensibly and quickly. As such they are normally supportive of debt solutions including bankruptcy.

However before you make the decision to go bankrupt you must speak to your HR department about your situation. You should also get advice from your local profession standard representative. You should confirm with them the implications and whether it would cause you any significant issues.

BE Tip: Some forces may prefer you to consider an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) rather than bankruptcy where possible. As such having a discussion with HR first is a sensible step to take.

The affect on your future Police Career if you go Bankrupt

Going Bankrupt will not normally affect your career in the police. Some forces might implement a bar to promotion while you are bankrupt. However remember that bankrupt itself will normally only last for 12 months. As such this is not normally too restrictive even if it does happen.

BE Tip: It is important that you find out any implications specific to your force when you speak to your HR department.

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