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Can I go Bankrupt if I am a Company Director

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If you go Bankrupt you are not allowed to be a limited company director. In addition you are not allowed to be involved in the management of a company. This rule is particularly important if you are the sole director of your own company.

If you are an owner/director and you go bankrupt you will have to make arrangements for someone else to be appointed as the director in your place. You will have to resign from your post once you are bankrupt.

Can you manage a company if you go Bankrupt?

It is not good enough to simply resign as a director of your company. Once you are Bankrupt you are not allowed to be involved in the management of the company. The management decision making must be left to the remaining directors.

If you continue to manage a limited company while you are Bankrupt and this is discovered you could face an extension to your bankruptcy and even criminal charges. This is the case even if you have resigned as a director at Companies House.

BE Tip: There is no reason why you cannot continue to be an employee of a company. You can work for the business and receive a salary in return. You could even be employed in a management position such as a Sales Manager. However you are not allowed to be involved in the strategic decision making of the business.

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When can you be reinstated as a Director after Bankruptcy?

Normally you are restricted from being a director of a company only while you are bankrupt. Once you are discharged you can register yourself as a director again. You can also resume your involvement in the management of the company.

The only time this would not be the case is if you have received a Bankruptcy Restrictions Undertaking (BRU) or Bankruptcy Restrictions Order (BRO). If this has happened you must wait until your BRU or BRO is lifted. Only then you can take up the post of a director again. Remember the restrictions remain in place even if you have already been discharged.

How is the Company Bank Account affected if a Director goes Bankrupt?

If you are the owner director of a limited company both you and your limited company are separate legal entities. This means that the company is not liable for your personal debts. In the same way you are not liable for the company’s debts unless you have given personal guarantees.

Given this the company’s finances including its bank account should not be affected if you go bankrupt. However if your personal account is held at the same bank as the company’s then the bank will know you have gone Bankrupt. This could cause a problem.

The bank cannot help themselves to any money in the company account. However they may be concerned about the viability of the company given your personal financial situation. As a result they could start to withdraw credit facilities such as the company overdraft or credit card as a precautionary measure.

This would clearly be extremely inconvenient for the company and may cause it to suffer. As such if you are the owner director of a limited company careful planning regarding your bank accounts must be carried out before you go Bankrupt.

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