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Police Officer – Can I go Bankrupt

Police Officer – Can I go Bankrupt

If you work for the police, bankruptcy is one of the debt solutions you can consider.

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Can you go Bankrupt if you are a Police Officer?

As a police officer you may think you cannot go bankrupt. You may have heard that it could seriously damage your career or even lead to you losing your job.

This is incorrect. Most forces realise that personal debt problems can occur and when they do it is best to resolve the issue sensibly using the most suitable solution available.

Given this your force will normally be supportive of bankruptcy. As long as you make your plans known before you apply your current role will almost certainly be unaffected. It is also unlikely there will be any long term affects on your career.

You can go bankrupt if you work for the police. You just need to get the right advice before you apply.

Who should you speak to before submitting your Bankruptcy Application?

Before submitting your bankruptcy application you must speak to your superior about your situation. Confirm you have taken professional advice and that you are considering bankruptcy.

They will normally be unfazed but may want you to submit a report to your local Profession Standards representative. This will need to detail the background of your situation and why you feel bankruptcy is a suitable option for you.

Profession Standards may want to speak to you to ensure that you have considered all the debt solution options and understand any potential implications. However where it is clear bankruptcy is sensible for you they should not have any objections.

Before you apply for bankruptcy speak to your Professional Standards representative to ensure they have no objections.

Use a PARV Order to Prevent Publication of your Personal Details

If you go bankrupt in England & Wales your name is not published in the local newspaper. However a record is added to Insolvency Register. This is then publically accessible via the internet.

The record includes personal information such as your last known address, occupation and a brief description of your circumstances. As a Police Officer it is clearly undesirable to have these details in the public domain.

As such you can apply for them to be witheld from the register with a PARV (Persons at Risk of Violence) Order. You need to apply for this at your local County Court before submitting your application.

To ensure personal details such as your address and occupation are witheld from the Insolvency Register you must apply for a PARV Order before submitting your Bankruptcy Application.

The effect on your Career in the Police Force if you go Bankrupt

Going Bankrupt should not affect your long term career with the police. It is possible that you might face a bar on promotion while you are bankrupt. However this should only last 12 months.

After you are discharged, promotion should be available to you again.

However you will need to speak to your personnel department or Professional Standards representative to understand any specific implications regarding future promotion in your individual Force.

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