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Confirm you are Discharged from Bankruptcy
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Confirm you are Discharged from Bankruptcy

Confirm you are Discharged from Bankruptcy

You will normally be discharged from Bankruptcy automatically after 12 months. You can request written confirmation if you need it.

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How to check you are Discharged from Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy lasts for 12 months. After this time you are automatically discharged. However the Official receiver will not give you any notification of this at all. It just happens. You can check the date you are due to be automatically discharged by looking up your details on the Insolvency Register.

Your details will remain on the Insolvency Register for 3 months from the date of your discharge. After that they will be taken off and will no longer appear if you search for them. Then the only record of you having been bankrupt is the London Gazette archives.

BE Tip: You cannot get early discharge from Bankruptcy. However the period you are bankrupt might be extended if you do not co-operate with the Official Receiver.

Written confirmation of your Bankruptcy Discharge Date

The fact that you do not receive written confirmation that you have been discharged from Bankruptcy is nothing to worry about. In general it is not needed. However what if you want something for your own peace of mind?

If you want to receive a letter which confirms the date of your discharge you can request this. You simply need to send your request by e-mail to the Insolvency Service Enquiry Centre. You will normally receive your letter as an e-mail attachment within a couple of days.

The e-mail address to use is: You will need to include the following details in your e-mail:

  • Your full name
  • Date of Birth
  • National Insurance Number
  • Bankruptcy Court Reference
  • Current address
  • The address you lived at when you were declared bankrupt (if different)

How to get a Formal Certificate of Discharge from Bankruptcy

The confirmation of discharge letter provided by the Insolvency Service simply confirms the recorded date you were discharged. In some circumstances you may require more formal proof.

Where this is the case you can apply for a Certificate of Discharge from Bankruptcy. This is issued by the Bankruptcy Court and formally states the date from which you have been discharged. To apply for your Certificate of Discharge you will need to complete a specific form LOC013.

Once completed your form must be sent together with a fee for £70 to the local County Court which dealt with your bankruptcy. Your payment should by Cheque or Postal Order made payable to HMCTS. You will normally receive your Certificate within three to four weeks of the Court office receiving your application.

BE Tip: If you were made bankrupt at the Royal Courts of Justice in the High Court then you should make your application to the High Court at the Rolls Building. If you were made bankrupt at the Royal Courts of Justice in the County Court then you should make your application to the Central London County Court sitting at the Thomas More Building.

Can you get confirmation of discharge from a Debt Relief Order?

If you used a Debt Relief Order (DRO) the moratorium period lasts for 12 months. After this time the Order automatically comes to an end. You will not receive any confirmation from the Official receiver that your DRO has finished.

You can check the date that your DRO is due to finish on the Insolvency register. However this record will only remain for 3 months after that date. Then there is then no publically accessible record of your DRO ever having existed.

If you wish you can request a letter confirming your are discharged from your debts. The insolvency service has a dedicated Debt Relief Order team based in Plymouth. The telephone number to contact the team is 01752 635200 Alternatively you can e-mail your request directly to the DRO team at

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4 thoughts on “Confirm you are Discharged from Bankruptcy

  1. Mark says:

    Hi. I went bankrupt in August 2016 and was discharged a year later in August 17. I have just been looking at my credit report and there is a CCJ which was issued in March 2014.

    Given I went bankrupt should that record still be on my credit report? I thought the bankruptcy cancelled it out? I don’t know whether I am right or wrong. If you could give me some advice that would be appreciated

    1. Hi Mark

      If a CCJ was issued against you in March 2014 then you are right that this debt would have been written off by your bankruptcy. However the record of the Judgment still has to remain on your credit file for 6 years from the date it was issued. In other words it will remain on your file until March 2020.

      There is nothing you can do about this. The fact that you went bankrupt means that you no longer owe the money but the record must remain for the full 6 year term.

      This is really is not a problem. Remember the record of your bankruptcy remains on your file until August 2022 (6 years from the start date). By that time the record of the CCJ will be long gone and your credit file should be clear.

  2. Ross says:


    I went bankrupt on July 2017 and was discharge July 2018. In August 2013 bought a car-Hire Purchase, and did all my payments until bankruptcy,and paid around 75-80% from the total value of the car. Last week I have got a letter-Letter Claim,as I need to return the car,otherwise they will put me in Court and I will have to pay for all this arrangements,Court cost,etc.
    The original loan was with Black Horse but now the letter was coming from Lloyds, probably same company.

    Before this letter I have got some letters,calls during bankruptcy as well from Black Horse, to arrange some payments to carry on with my contract. I could not pay them anything and told them to come and take the car back.

    Can you please advise what shall I do next in regards with the letter?

    Thanks !

    1. Hi Ross

      If the car HP agreement was signed in Aug 13 this is before you went bankrupt. As such it is a contingent debt which existed at the time you went bankrupt. This means if you are now in a position where you cannot pay it any outstanding balance is included in the original bankruptcy.

      Do you still have the car? If so this will have to be returned to the finance company. However you are not liable for any outstanding debt. You should contact the collections company and tell them you went bankrupt in July 17. Give them your BK reference number and tell them to contact the official receiver for further information regarding this debt.

      I would also recommend that you personally contact the official receiver’s office that originally dealt with your case. Explain that this debt has come up. They will then deal with it for you as part of your original bankruptcy even though you are now discharged.

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