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Bankruptcy Articles

Does bankruptcy last longer with HMRC debt
Will your bankruptcy last longer if you owe money to HMRC? What affect does a BRU really have? Can you leave tax debt out of bankruptcy?
What happens to council tax debt in bankruptcy
Are council tax arrears included if you go bankrupt? What if the debt is in joint names? What happens to your current year's bill?
Buying a new car while bankrupt
Are you allowed to buy a new car while you are bankrupt? Can you sell your old vehicle? Is it possible to get a car on finance?
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Keep a windfall after bankruptcy is over
Which types of windfall can you keep after bankruptcy? Can you draw a pension lump sum? Does any windfall still have to be paid to the OR?
Joint bank account and bankruptcy
Can you have a joint bank account if you go bankrupt? What about using someone else's account? Could you open a new account while bankrupt?
What if I lose my job while bankrupt
Do you have to tell the OR if you lose your job? What if you get a redundancy payment? Implications if you have an IPA and if you get a job.
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Will I lose my council house if I go bankrupt
How is your council house affected if you go bankrupt? What happens to rent arrears? Can you buy your council house after going bankrupt?
Sell house before going bankrupt
Are you allowed to sell your house before you go bankrupt? Can you use funds raised to pay off debt? Can you give away any of the money?
2021 bankruptcy numbers lowest for 10 years
Why are the bankruptcy numbers falling? Are there less people with debt problems? Is a Debt Relief Order a better option than bankruptcy?
Move to a different country when bankrupt
Are you allowed to move to a different country while you are bankrupt? Do you still have to pay your debts? Can you get credit?