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Bankruptcy Articles :

Go Bankrupt Twice

  • Melissa McDonald
  • 15.09.2015

  • Can you go Bankrupt twice? Will you be penalised for going through the process again? Will debt payments be required? What happens to your home?

    My Partner and Bankruptcy

  • James Falla
  • 21.08.2015

  • If you go bankrupt does your partner have to pay your debt? What happens to joint property? Is their credit rating affected? What about joint debts?

    Save during Bankruptcy

  • Melissa McDonald
  • 14.08.2015

  • Are you allowed to save during Bankruptcy? Can you keep all the money you put aside? How to save if you are Bankrupt.

    Life Insurance and Bankruptcy

  • Melissa McDonald
  • 16.09.2014

  • What happens to your life insurance if you go Bankrupt? How to keep the benefit of your policy. Should you cancel your insurance?