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Bankruptcy Articles :

Payday Loan and Bankruptcy

  • James Falla
  • 08.05.2019

  • Can a payday loan be included in bankruptcy? Can you get a loan while Bankrupt? What if you have taken a new loan? Alternatives to borrowing more.

    Debt Relief Order

  • James Falla
  • 16.04.2019

  • What is a Debt Relief Order? Who can apply? How to get a DRO. What if your circumstances change during the Order?

    Debt Management Plan

  • James Falla
  • 11.03.2019

  • What is a debt management plan? When to use this debt solution. How to get the Plan started. How much does a debt management plan cost?

    Debt Consolidation

  • James Falla
  • 25.01.2019

  • What is debt consolidation? When is this a sensible solution to solve a debt problem? The different ways to consolidate debt.

    Can I go Bankrupt if I am on Benefits?

  • Melissa McDonald
  • 12.03.2018

  • Is it possible to go Bankrupt if you are on Benefits? Do you still have to pay the application fee? Will you have to make payments towards your debts?