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Apply for Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy Assistance Service

Apply for Bankruptcy – Bankruptcy Assistance Service

If you want to go Bankrupt, our Assistance Service will help the process go smoothly.

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What does our Bankruptcy Assistance Service include?

Completion of your Bankruptcy Application Form
Your bankruptcy application form must be completed using the Government’s on-line system. We complete the on-line document with you during a telephone meeting.

Once your application has been submitted it will be reviewed by the Adjudicator. We will help you answer any questions that the Adjudicator may raise at this time.

Preparation for your interview with the Official Receiver
Once you are bankrupt you will have an interview with the Official Receiver (OR). This will normally be on the telephone. If you are self employed it will be face to face.

We make sure you are prepared to answer the questions you will be asked in your interview. We will also help you complete the documents that you will be sent for signing if you need help with these.

While you are Bankrupt
You will normally be Bankrupt for 12 months. During this time we will use reasonable endeavours to advise you should you have further questions or a change in circumstances.

How much does our Bankruptcy Service Cost?

We charge an upfront fee for our Bankruptcy Assistance Service. This is in addition to the standard Bankruptcy application fee which you will also have to pay. Our fee is as follows:

Single person Bankruptcy Application: £375
Couple Bankruptcy Application: £575

An increase to the standard fee may be charged for individuals or couples currently residing outside of the UK or for other individuals who require more in depth assistance.

If you want there is nothing to stop you going through the Bankruptcy Process yourself with no additional help from Bankruptcy Expert.

How Long will it take to go Bankrupt?

Once you have decided to use our Service you must sign and return our Letter of Engagement. Once this has been done and our fee paid we will start your Bankruptcy Application immediately.

We will arrange a mutually convenient time to go through the form with you over the telephone. This normally takes 2-3 hours. The form should be ready for submission within 1-2 days.

Once your application is submitted the Adjudicator has up to 28 days to consider it. However in most cases you will be Bankrupt the next working day.

Our service will be considered delivered in full once your application documents have been submitted, you have been declared bankrupt and we have explained to you what to expect in your Interview with the Official Receiver.

Service terms and conditions

A full list of terms and conditions including our cancelation policy and your right to complain can be found here: Assistance Service Terms and Conditions.

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