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Year: 2019

effects of bankruptcy
When can you get a normal bank account after bankruptcy? When does your credit rating go back to normal? How quickly can you get a mortgage?
Bankruptcy fees
Can you borrow or sell your car to pay your bankruptcy fee? What grants are available? Consider using a different solution with no upfront fee
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Go Bankrupt Twice
Can you go Bankrupt twice? Will you be penalised for going through the process again? Will debt payments be required? What happens to your home?
Family debt in Bankruptcy
Family debt in Bankruptcy. Can i pay family before my Bankruptcy. Should I wait until afterwards? Are my assets effected?
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Go on Holiday while Bankrupt
Can you go on holiday if you are bankrupt. How can you pay for it? Can someone else pay for you? Can to take a holiday you already paid for?
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Bankruptcy or IVA
Will you pay more in Bankruptcy or IVA? Which is better if you are a home owner? Bankruptcy or IVA and your car. How both options affect your credit rating.
Go Bankrupt if I live Abroad
How to go Bankrupt in the UK if you live abroad. If you live abroad do you pay towards your debts? Can you go Bankrupt if you never lived in the UK?
Blacklisted by Bankruptcy
How does Bankruptcy affect your credit rating? Is your house blacklisted? Will other people living with you be affected? How long are you Blacklisted for?
Payday Loan and Bankruptcy
Can a payday loan be included in bankruptcy? Can you get a loan while Bankrupt? What if you have taken a new loan? Alternatives to borrowing more.
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Debt Relief Order
What is a Debt Relief Order? Who can apply? How to get a DRO. What if your circumstances change during the Order?