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Can a CCJ be included in Bankruptcy?
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Year: 2018

Can a CCJ be included in Bankruptcy
Is a CCJ written off if you go Bankrupt? Does Bankruptcy prevent more CCJs from being issued? What if a CCJ is already recorded on your Credit File?
Mortgage Shortfall and Bankruptcy
What is a Mortgage Shortfall. Can this debt be written off by Bankruptcy? What if your house has been repossessed but not yet sold?
Unhappy with IVA. Can you go Bankrupt
Should you stop your IVA and go Bankrupt? How do you stop an IVA? What happens to the money already paid in? Will your creditors make you bankrupt?
What happens to my Mortgage if I go Bankrupt
Is your mortgage written off if you go Bankrupt? How do you continue paying it? What if you have arrears? Can mortgage debt ever be included?
Property Abroad and Bankruptcy
Is your property abroad included if you go Bankrupt? What if there is equity in it? What if you get income from it? Could you just keep quite about it?
Cannot Afford Bankruptcy Payments
Will you have to make IPA payments if you go Bankrupt? What if you think your payments are too high? What if your circumstances change during an IPA?
Go Bankrupt on Benefits
Is it possible to go Bankrupt if you are on Benefits such as Universal Credit or ESA? Do you still have to pay the application fee?
The Facts about Bankruptcy
Key bankruptcy facts you need to know. It lasts just 1 year. You only pay your debt if you can afford to. You keep most of your belongings. Your credit rating is affected but not for ever.