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Year: 2015

Will creditors make you bankrupt
Are your creditors likely to make you bankrupt? What if you are a home owner? What if you owe money to HMRC? Is it best to make yourself bankrupt?
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Partner and Bankruptcy
If you go bankrupt does your partner have to pay your debt? What happens to joint property? Is their credit rating affected? What about joint debts?
Save during Bankruptcy
Are you allowed to save during Bankruptcy? Can you keep all the money you put aside? How to save if you are Bankrupt.
Bankruptcy figures fall in 2015
Bankruptcy figures have been falling since 2009. Why are fewer people going Bankrupt? Will the number of people going Bankrupt continue to go down?
Resolve debt in Ireland by going Bankrupt in England
How to write off debt in Ireland by going Bankrupt in England. When can you return to Ireland? Will your Irish Credit Rating be affected? Can you go to Northern Ireland?
Go Bankrupt before I move abroad
If you have debt but want to move abroad Bankruptcy could solve the problem. Should you go Bankrupt before you leave? Getting credit in your new country.
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