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Life Insurance and Bankruptcy
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Year: 2014

Life Insurance and Bankruptcy
What happens to your life insurance if you go Bankrupt? How to keep the benefit of your policy. Should you cancel your insurance?
Utility Bill Arrears and Bankruptcy
Are utility bill arrears included in Bankruptcy? Will you have to change your utility suppliers? Is Bankruptcy the best option if you have utility arrears?
House Price Increase after Bankruptcy
What happens if there is a house price increase while you are bankrupt? How to protect your home. What if you take no action to buy back your interest?
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Stop Creditor Harassment with Bankruptcy
Can creditor harassment continue if you are Bankrupt? What if you forgot to include a debt? What if Court action has already been taken?
Move House while Bankrupt
Can you move house while you are bankrupt? Moving to a new rented property. Can you buy a property? Should you wait to move until after Bankruptcy?
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Belongings at risk in Bankruptcy
Do you have to sell your household belongings if you go Bankrupt? What about your car? What about your pension or life insurance? Are work tools exempt?
Giveaway Assets before going Bankrupt
What is a transaction at undervalue? Can you give away your house or car before going bankrupt? Do you need to worry about your household belongings?
Why did the number of Bankruptcies fall in 2013? Is cost putting people off? Debt Relief Order too strict? Would bankruptcy figures increase if costs fell?
Car Repairs while Bankrupt
How to pay for car repairs when bankrupt. How much can be included in your living expenses budget? What if you get an unexpected bill?
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